Southern Mediterranean Cuisine

When we think of Mediterranean Cuisine we tend to think of Italian, French, Spanish or even Portuguese cuisine, as they are the countries that are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and are renowned for their rich and varied gastronomy.

However, we forget that further south there are other countries bathed by the Mediterranean and whose cuisine is also rich and varied, and whose dishes are also created from the knowledge and tradition that characterizes Mediterranean cooking. We are talking about countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

At Restaurant ARDEMAR we want to give our clients the opportunity to discover lesser-known but highly tasty dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, and hereby take the liberty of making a few suggestions. If you would like to try a specific dish that is not on our menu, let us know: We will take great pleasure in making it for you.


Seabass Slice with Shashouka
Lamb chops with Harissa
Bay chicken Tagine


Dishes presented on our Menu may change without notice



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