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1. The information that you provide, either via form or by e-mail, is for the internal and exclusive use of ARDEMAR.

2. The contact detail forms found on this website allow us to know and contact the visitors. ARDEMAR will not sell this information to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes, except in the case that ARDEMAR is legally or contractually obliged to share this information with third parties or provide related statistical reports or data.

3. The preceding paragraph covers any form, present or future, which is used by the user to request information or access the services of the website.

4. The website may use cookies.

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6. If the user does not agree with this privacy policy or has questions about it, he/she must contact ARDEMAR using the contact details found in this website.

7. This website has installed Google Analytics code to collect statistics about it.

8. The installed Google Analytics code enables it to support Display Advertising, and we may use Remarketing to display online advertisements to visitors of this website.

9. Visitors can delete the Google Analytics display advertising and customise ads on the Google display network with the ads preference manager.



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