Northern Mediterranean Cuisine

Some of the best-known Mediterranean dishes are so popular that they can be found every day on Portuguese tables. Who’s not familiar with the typically Italian spaghetti Carbonara? Or the French coq au vin? And who has never heard of Spanish gazpacho?

Northern Mediterranean cuisine is extremely rich and diverse. You can be sure that, if you travel to Spain, France, Italy, Greece or Turkey, you will find good food served by friendly people.

At Restaurant ARDEMAR we bring you some of the most famous and tasty dishes from those countries. Come and try them, or tell us which dish you would like to try if it is not on our standard menu. That is our favorite challenge.


Marinated olives
Prawns “al ajillo”
Ham board
Mussels gratin
Beef “carpaccio
Ocean pasta
Mediterranean salad
Nicoise salad
Greek “Horiatiki” salad
Seafood salad
Grouper “maitre d´hotel”
 Sirloin steak “Café Paris”
Mixed Paella (2pax)
Shrimp risotto
Linguini with mushrooms
Spagetti “Carbonara”
Crème brûlée
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate sin


Dishes presented on our Menu may change without notice



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