Foods of the World

There are so many tempting dishes available around the world and so little time to try them. And for that reason, with you in mind, Restaurant ARDEMAR has decided to create a menu of Foods of the World.

Which traditional South American dish would you like to try? And what about that Asian delicacy that you ate on your holidays and never came across again? If it is not on our menu of Foods of the World make your reservation and order it. We’ll make it for you. Because at Restaurant ARDEMAR we bring the world to your table.


Today’s soup
Seafood Salad
Ceaser Salad with Chicken
Tropical Salad
Chank of salmon with Morocan “Hashweh” rice
Fillet Steak ARDEMAR
Vegetarian Omelette
Angus Hamburger
Apple pie with ice cream


Dishes presented on our Menu may change without notice



Group dinners